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EUROIDEA Educational Group, which has its origin in 1991 as a center of Vocational Training, provides today certified education and training services, enabling young men and women to successfully integrate into the labor market.

Our basic responsibility is to provide high quality in growing areas of educational services with high demand on the market, based on the vocational improvement of our students, through the Special Office of Counseling and Vocational Guidance we have.

Following closely the developments, EUROIDEA Educational Group meets every modern business requirement and guarantees certain high quality professional careers.

Today, applying the knowledge and experience of 25 years of activity in the Education and Training area, EUROIDEA Educational Group, includes the following bodies:

Private Vocational Training Institute (PVTI)
• Lifelong Learning Center Level 2 (LLCL 2)
• Foreign Language Center
• Tutoring

The above bodies are supported by our special Counseling and Vocational Guidance Office, established in our Group, which is basically the channel of communication among people, the Greek labor market and abroad.

The student’s activities of our Group cover a wide range of courses, at all levels, including Accelerated Courses, European and National Programs, Studies in Disciplines of further education and support of Graduate Studies.

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The EUROIDEA VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE (VTC), which today bears the name "EVROIDEA LLCL 2", founded in 1991 and is certified by the National Qualification Certification Agency and Vocational Guidance (NQCAVG), supervised by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and provides Continuing Vocational Training. Headquartered in Karditsa (Thessaly), it has two certified divisions, in Ioannina (Epirus) and in Itea of Amfissa (Central Greece) and covers geographically the whole Greece (National Range).

In these twenty-five (25) years of progress in the field of Lifelong Learning, "EVROIDEA" LLCL 2 implemented to date more than 2,000,000 man hours and about 600 programs and subsidized self-financed training.

It has participated now and then in Interstate Programs like Leonardo da Vinci, EMERGO and ERASMUS.

Today our body implements our subsidized and self-funded programs such as:
• Courses and Competence Certification / Y
• Courses and Certification of Foreign Languages
• Personnel Security Seminars (SECURITY)
• cutters-sewers Seminars
• BEAUTY Seminars Sector

Distance training and distance learning (e-learning)
• Security Techniques Programs
• Certification Programs EFET
• Instructor Training Programs
• Special Social Groups Training Programs (EKO)
• Training Programs for the Unemployed People (Voucher)

Since our establishment, we stand at the forefront of the struggle for

We offer complete Training and Advisory services, which ensure the development of human resources and cover the increased and ever-changing demands of the modern labor market.

Our partners are a strong and compact team that has vast experience in the coordination and management of integrated vocational training interventions. While working with large and well-known companies that offer internships and jobs to the unemployed who are drafting.
Occasionally we have activated across the spectrum covered by Unemployment - Training - Employment sector and have developed activities such as surveys, studies, workshops and related events.

The EVROIDEA VTC strategy is based on the basic principles of the strategy on employment and reduces unemployment that is laid down by the Ministry of Labor.

Since October 2015 our Group established the EUROIDEA Private Vocational Training Center, which provides initial vocational training and is directly supervised by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.
EUROIDEA PVTC can be attended by young high school graduates, TEE, EPAL, EPAS, without excluding AEI and TEI graduates.

Our graduates acquire:
• Specialization in modern professions.
• Statutory professional fees.
• Diploma of vocational training recognized by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs in Greece and in all European Union countries, which is recognized as a typical qualification in the public sector, PD 50/2001 and P.D. 146/2007, while points are awarded in competitions through ASEP with 150 points, N. 3051/2002.
• Trainees who successfully complete their training at EVROIDEA PVTC acquire a Vocational Training Certificate. This Certificate entitles them to participate in vocational training certification examination to obtain a Diploma of Vocational Training at the level of post-secondary vocational training.
• The Vocational Training Diploma is recognized both in Greece and in the European Union (Presidential Decree 231 / 07.29.98, which was incorporated into Greek law Directive 92/51 / EEC).
Attendance at PVTC is the sure road that leads to security in the labor market, allowing the recipients to succeed with confidence their personal professional and student goals after graduation from secondary school.

Since September 2015, EUROIDEA Foreign Languages Center is in saddle, where individuals have the opportunity to register and choose among the following languages:


We added in our Group the EUROIDEA TEACHING CENTERS, which are also recognized by EOPPEP.
Here we provide tutoring for students of TEI or AEI and as well as support for completing their dissertation thesis.

These services are provided with distance (E-Learning) services as well.

Service of Lifelong Counseling and Career Guidance

In our bodies there is a special Advisory and Professional Employees Office, staffed with qualified personnel, which stands next to everyone interested in business pursuits and provides the most appropriate skill-set through individual or group interviews, applying appropriate tests and information on new positions in the modern Labor Market.
The Lifelong Counseling & Career Guidance or Lifelong Guidance is the systematic assistance and support provided by trained experts, which allows a person at any time of their life to discover their knowledge level, abilities, skills, interests and values, to take educational and career decisions, to plan and effectively manage their career and achieve a better balance between personal and professional life. The Counseling and Career Guidance is an integral institution that is active throughout the working life of the individual, therefore called Lifelong Counseling and Career Guidance.

The purpose of Lifelong Counseling and Career Guidance Office is to assist and effectively support the unemployed people or recipient employees in order to take educational and occupational decisions and to plan their further career.

It includes:
1. Digitized Tools appreciation and personality understanding factors, emotional intelligence, numeric, linguistic skills, abstractive and creative assessment, professional values.
2. Personalized Vocational Counseling and Advisory Entrepreneurship services from experienced and highly qualified consultants.
3. Networking Services with other bodies of information, training, social services, customized to the needs of the recipients.
4. Network partnership with similar Offices and Services in Greece and abroad in order to promote the recipients in finding Student and Professional outlets.

The basic philosophy and objective of the Company is to meet the needs of our customers.
HERE CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES are a big family and our relationships with them (unemployed people and businesses) become lifetime relationships.


Knowledge Certification
• Distance learning and training (e-learning)
• Professional Training
• In-house Training Programs
• Instructor Training Programs
• Provide training through transnational cooperation
• Strengthening links between training organizations and enterprises
• Coordination of the Liaison Office within the labor market


Surveys - Studies
• Collaboration with various stakeholders
• European Educational Networks
• Coordination of Meetings and Events
• European and International Programs
• Study of the labor market, redesigning businesses on personnel training
• Creation and development of networks and databases.
• Development of innovative educational materials.
• Study of the labor market, forecasting the creation of new jobs

The EUROIDEA LLCL2 participates actively in European projects and actions of bodies such as Ministries and Regions to implement integrated - subsidized training interventions and skilled human resource.

Since 1991, we have performed or participated in the implementation of transnational programs such as Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, and Erasmus in cooperation with various European Union countries such as Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Denmark.

EUROIDEA Educational Group offers a pleasant working environment. The well-trained staff are higher- education graduates and post-graduate degree holders and provide the best quality training services.
A large number of external collaborators (scientific staff) covering a wide range of specialties are in permanent cooperation with the Group. EUROIDEA cultivates the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among employees, with particular emphasis on the continuous training of its human resources through seminars and conferences.

EUROIDEA’s bodies in Karditsa, Ioannina and Itea Fokidas have been certified by E.O.P.P.E.P. Our Group offers modern training rooms fully equipped with computers, internet services, libraries with reading room. The access to the sites is easy, directly accessible for the disabled people as well, and has all the necessary special equipment for people with disabilities.
Also offers the following logistic and break areas, providing a comfortable and pleasant environment for the trainees:
• 9 teaching classrooms
• 6 Management – Secretariat Offices
• 5 Service Areas (Libraries, Internet, Child-minding etc.)
• Counseling and Guidance Department

100 computers with the latest updated software and hardware
ARGUS ERP Modern computerized monitoring, organizing and evaluating system for the feasible educational work.

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KARDITSA: 34 Karaiskaki str., Tel .: 24410 71666 || mob. 6987605858
IOANNINA: 127 Mar. Kotopoulistr., Tel .: 26510 86035 || mob. 6949083773
ITEA FOKIDAS: Poseidon Coast (Kirra), Tel .: 22650 34412 || mob. 6942063156

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